Worship Dance Classes

What is a 'Worship Dance Class'?

Worship Dance Class is a dance class that combines technical dance training (ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, interpretive, international folk and others) with a biblical foundation and understanding of using dance as an expression of praise and worship. The classes incorporate floor warm-ups, barre, across the floor and center work at the beginning of class followed by the application of our skills to praise and worship dances, worship sequences, improvisation and choreography. Worship and Dance Vocabulary are taught and all levels are given the opportunity to choreograph and/or offer their creative expressions of worship to the Lord. All is done in an environment set apart unto the Lord. It is a dance class, but it is a dance class with a purpose - to train skilled and biblical worshipers who minister to God and to others in His Name through the art form of dance. Classes are offered for Ages 5 through Adult.

Who can be involved?

Worship Dance Classes are offered for Grades K - 12 and meet weekly. Adult Classes will meet Mondays of each month in Sept/Oct/Nov 2016 and Jan/Feb/March/Apr 2017. Class assignments are based on age, skill level and previous experience at the discretion of the Director.

Fall 2016/Spring 2017

You will find the Registration forms and the latest information for the upcoming semester by downloading the information below.