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About Our Dance Classes

What is a Worship Dance Class?

A Worship Dance Class is a dance class that combines technical dance training (ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, interpretive, international, folk, and others) with a Biblical foundation and understanding of dance as an expression of praise, worship, witness, and communication. The classes incorporate floor warm-ups, barre exercises, across the floor, and center work at the beginning of class - followed by the application of our skills to choreographies, praise and worship dances, worship sequences, improvisation, and prophetic movement. Worship and Dance Vocabulary are taught, and all levels are given the opportunity to choreograph and/or offer their creative expressions of worship to the Lord.


All classes are offered in an environment set apart unto the Lord. It is a dance class, but it is a dance class with a purpose - to train skilled and Biblical worshipers who minister to God and to others in His Name through the art form of dance. Classes are offered for Ages 4 through Adult. 

New students are always welcome into classes at the beginning of each semester. Placement of students in a class is based upon age, experience and at the discretion of the Director.

Classes are taught at Resurrection Church, 2940 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte NC.

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“Vessels of Joy”                                 

CLASS 1           

Ages 4 - 6 years old

Thursday 4:00p - 4:50p

Our youngest dancers, the Vessels of Joy (Class 1), begin learning the foundations of dance movement and worship expression through warmups, beginning ballet technique, creative movement, and age/level appropriate choreographies.  With short breaks as needed, Class 1 enjoys and greatly benefits from this fifty-minute class taught by teachers who are specifically attentive to the levels of this age group.  The Vessels of Joy truly bring JOY to the classroom and to our hearts! They fully participate in our Christmas and End of the Year Worship Dance Offerings.

“Vessels of Faith”                             

CLASS 2       

Ages 7 - 10 years old

Thursday 5:00p - 6:15p

The Vessels of Faith (Class 2) continue to be taught the foundations of dance movement and worship expression through warmups, ballet/modern/lyrical techniques, creative/spontaneous movement, and age/level appropriate choreographies. Students at this level will initiate and integrate their growing skills with greater understanding of worshiping with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength through the venue of dance. Receiving an increased level of technical training, students are taught choreographed dances appropriate for their age and maturity, and are provided the opportunity to join the Resurrection Dance Ministry in outreach opportunities. They also fully participate in our Christmas and End of the Year Worship Dance Offerings. This class is filled with many different styles of dance and even dances choreographed by the students themselves.  For those interested, students in Class 2 are invited to participate in an additional Core Conditioning class on Monday evenings at no additional charge.

“Vessels of Praise”                               

CLASS 3         

Ages 11 - 16 years old

Monday 3:45p - 6:15p

Vessels of Praise (Class 3) are in a prime developmental stage of their worship dance growth. Including middle school and early high school grades, this class is challenged with greater and more diverse choreographic opportunities while strengthening and advancing their technical abilities. Devotions and Biblical instruction are also included as part of this age’s growth and training in spirit, soul, and body. Training includes warmups as well as ballet, modern, lyrical, contemporary, and international styles of dance; all of which are presented through age and level- appropriate choreographies. The Vessels of Praise are encouraged to choreograph, learn to participate in worship environments and ministry outreaches, as well as fully participate in the Christmas and End of the Year Worship Dance Offerings. We are amazed at the acceleration of growth in all areas that this group experiences and demonstrates.           

“Vessels of Hope” and "Vessels of Honor"                            


Ages: High School, College, and Young Adults

Tuesday 3:45p - 6:45p


Vessels of Hope (Class 4) students are high school aged youth, many of whom have been with the dance ministry since Class Level 1 and are a tremendous help and encouragement to newer students. This three-hour class includes dedicated time for technical training, learning a vast variety of choreographed dances and ministry repertoire, devotions, dance education, class choreography, and ministry training.  Vessels of Hope students are also encouraged to take a weekly Core Conditioning class and a bi-monthly Ballet Technique class offered on Monday evenings by the ministry at no additional charge. These amazing youth are not only a dance class, but also a ministry group which ministers in outreaches to the community, and sometimes even internationally. This class also participates in additionally scheduled Friday afternoon rehearsals, as needed, and is given the opportunity to participate in ministry outreach and international missions trips.

The Vessels of Honor (Class 5) class is comprised of college students and young adults. Although technically the most advanced of the Worship Dance Classes, as in all the Worship Dance Classes the varied technical levels within a particular class are considered in choreographic assignments and technical expectations. Within the three-hour weekly class on Tuesday, and additionally scheduled Friday afternoon classes, increased emphasis is placed upon professional dance training appropriate for this age group, learning choreographies from many dance styles, devotions/Bible study, and ministry training.  This class also creates, develops, and presents their own choreographies. The Vessels of Honor minister in local, regional, and national outreach events and are given the opportunity to participate in Dance Ministry Missions Trips to Israel (and wherever else the Lord leads us!) Vessels of Honor students are also encouraged to take a weekly Core Conditioning class and a bi-monthly Ballet Technique class offered on Monday evenings by the ministry at no additional charge.


"Vessels of Valor"

Vessels of Valor is an additional title designated for all the boys and young men in the Worship Dance Classes who train in their respective classes.


Adult Evening Classes

Core Conditioning

every Monday 6:30p - 7:40p

Adult Beginner Ballet

1st/3rd Mondays 7:45p - 8:45p

Adult Worship Dance

2nd/4th Monday 7:45p - 8:45p

Adult classes are offered weekly on Monday evenings and include Core Conditioning class each week, followed by Adult Ballet twice a month and Worship Dance Class twice a month.

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