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Israel Support Project


January 2024
From the Director

Dear friends of ZCWA.

We are so thankful for you and are praying for you to fully experience and walk in all of the wonderful plans and purposes for which our Father has lovingly created for you (Eph. 2:10). I am writing to update you on a ZCWA project that you may want to be involved with that will provide timely support for Israel.

I am sure you are all aware of the October 7th attack on Israel, and after much (let me repeat, much) prayer I continued to feel led to go to Israel during the Christmas season. I had plans to go before the war, then…., and then my flights were cancelled, and yet I still had a strong conviction that I was supposed to go and show our support. While there, I particularly helped a local ministry in Jerusalem in its outreach on Christmas Eve.


I could not wait to get there and tell them that I (we) are standing on the wall with them! I would say to those in restaurants, and soldiers in the streets (there were lots of them), that I was from the United States and wanted to let them know that we love them, are praying for them, our hearts are broken with them, and that we are standing with them. I wish you could have seen their faces. We were both almost in tears. One gentleman asked me if I represented an organization. I replied that I am a Christian and that there are millions around the world who are praying for them.

Another time, one of the female soldiers responded, “We love you, too.” Almost all of my Jewish and Christian friends that I visited shared that it was such an encouragement for me to come. In particular, more than one said, “It’s not what you do, but just that you are here.” I am trusting that they experienced the love of Yeshua, ha Messiach from all of us. Because there were not very many people out in the streets, almost no tourists and most stores and restaurants were closed, the LORD provided quality time for me to be with those I know. It was amazing, and I am so thankful for my faithful prayer supporters!

Perhaps like you, as soon as the war began, I prayed about what I and ZCWA could do to help. I pursued various ministries trying to find where the greatest needs were. Then, while I was in Jerusalem, I believe the answer came when I had the opportunity to meet and talk with the son of someone I know, trust, and highly respect – who is the leader of an Israeli Army squad fighting in
the war. He shared the need for winter supplies and safety military equipment for his platoon (made up of three squads). As a Christian leader, he has great respect from his fellow soldiers. I believed this was my answer and told him that ZCWA would like to provide for his project in the amount of $2,500.

I’m pretty sure most of you who are reading this are already praying for the peace of Jerusalem and for the people of Israel. Thank you. Our prayers are extremely important. If you would like, in addition, to help provide for this particular support, please click the donate button below which will take you to our PayPal donation page.

Thank you, may God bless you, and we’ll be back in touch with you soon.

At our place on the wall - Love and Shalom, Teresa Gardner, D.W.S., ZCWA Director

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