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Conference Dining Options

The Plaza-Midwood area near our conference site has recently witnessed explosive restaurant growth. Some of Charlotte's most popular dining locations are nearby ...and many are only five minutes away! Check the internet for a complete listing but here are some well-rated local favorites.​

Fast Food Locations Nearby:

  • Bojangles' - 3129 Monroe Rd. 

  • McDonald's - 2301 Central Ave. 

  • Wendy's - 2933 Eastway Dr.

Summer Conferences 

CPCC Dining Locations

Many of our Summer Conference classes are held at the Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) dance studios. During the lunch break, you might enjoy taking Charlotte's City Lynx Gold Line Trolley from CPCC to nearby restaurants on Elizabeth Ave. (see gray box below)
The trolley conveniently picks up near the Worrell building where our classes are held...and restaurants are only one stop away. Here's how to ride:
  • Get on at the CPCC OUTBOUND STATION. 
  • Go one stop and get off at the:
  • Coming back, go one stop and get off at the:
All rides are free and no passes are required. Trolley runs every 15 - 20 minutes. For more info, visit the CityLynx website.
Lunch options near the
Elizabeth & Hawthorne stop

Earl's Grocery

Nothing But Noodles

Viva Chicken

1900 Mexican Grill 

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